Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Parade Down the Yellow Brick Road

We couldn't make it to the Dog Halloween Parade this year, so we had our own little parade at home. As you can see in the below line-up, Bryndal was THRILLED. Practically the Grand Marshall.

Bryndalsaurus Rex:


Stinky McB:

Pumpkin Head:

And this year's wild, wild, west Halloween edition...
There's a new sheriff in town:

Please note: the boy got a LOT of treats after this "torture".

For more dogtastic costumes, check out D is for Doggy's Howl-o-Ween Costume Contests from the last two years. It's giving me ideas for 2014 - loving the chia pet!

And in all fairness, I didn't make him don what I really wanted him to wear:


Speaking of the Wizard of Oz, did you guys know that at one point there existed a theme park based on the movie? Once a year in its abandoned state, past employees and special guests are allowed to roam the grounds. True story HERE. How do I get put on this list??? I must know.

OK, I'm off to see the Wizard...

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