Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I spend a good amount of time in airports, so I've become attune with small details that make for better travel. Or really, waiting for travel. Having just jetted to San Antonio and back, I can verify that SAT has a lot going for it.

First all, outlets. Outlets everywhere. The key to a happy traveler. SAT has outlets in every seat!

They also had cup holders, which I appreciated.
In which I snuggled in my John Wayne beverage. 


Did you know Starbucks has a SECRET MENU (Shhhhh!)? I doubt many baristas actually are aware of these blends, but I can verify that in the San Antonio airport they know how to make a mean John Wayne. The gentleman in front of me ordered it in a whisper. Instead of questioning what it was, I went ahead and placed my order for the same thing!

The drink was delish. The interpretation of my name, not so much.
Does that say Lousy? I thought the others were bad.

But it is a step up from what I last got called in NYC.

So with my coffee in hand and a bag full of charged accessories, I was ready to fly.

Of course, the most important accessory to travel with (besides patience and a smile?):
Your cowboy hat with a spinning, colorful, Texas light.

Yes, it really did rotate and blink fantastical colors.

Remember the Alamo!

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