Saturday, October 19, 2013

Easy Being Green

Oh, I do disagree with that frog - it is soooo easy being green. Especially this season, when the retail world has provided me with all of the forest, pea, emerald, mint, moss, olive, hunter, jade, chartreuse, and lime a girl could ever ask for. 

Just a few examples...

For your cup a joe. Wouldn't this brighten up an early morning?

Malachite that doesn't kid around.

A simple, functional dress. Make it green and it is something special.

Usually, I prefer green polish on my toes only, but this shade could work without screaming "Elphaba".

Two greens in one:

All summer I was obsessed with Equinox's Lean and Green Smoothie. Spinach, tofu, asian pear, and turmeric. I never figured out how to replicate it at home, so I will continue to spend green on green.

Almost too pretty to work at:

One of my favorite new blouses:

I will always be loyal to my Caribbean Le Creuset, but I do have a crush on the new Rosemary collection.

This will bring out the green in hazel eyes.

Wait, this isn't green...
Or is it...?

Did you know that Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013?

You better go get your green on before 2014!

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