Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Copy Cats

My friend, Jen, has these super stylish and comfy Seychelles flats that I became envious of during her recent NYC visit. They come in many colors but for example purposes, I'll showcase the Pewter:

Seychelles is a decent brand that I've always found extremely comfortable after an initial wearing or two and very versatile. These flats will run you around $80 full price.

I was then surprised to see that Payless was advertising a virtual twin at a quarter of the price:
When researching online for the Payless comparison, I found additional knock-offs, all sold at dirt cheap prices (although many had limited sizes available).

I had no idea that you could rip off a style so blatantly. Is the money saved worth having a less quality version of the original? I'm not sure, I tend toward blisters. Maybe someone else can volunteer to be the tester...?

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  1. Well, don't look at me, sweetie! I would no more try to get one of those sandal-ly type shoes on my foot than fly to the moon! It would be like one of Cinderella's stepsisters trying on the glass slipper! I'm glad you think they are so comfy...and it is your foot after all. I do like the idea of Payless knock-offs. I'll be Leannis will have something interesting to comment on this blog....she loves shoes.