Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Not Done With You Yet

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Summer '14!

Yesterday, as I was starting my day, something unusual happened. I felt a breeze come through the window. A crisp breeze! At first, a moment of relief washed over me since I haven't noticed the air moving in NYC since Easter, but at the same time I was silently screaming. The summer is over? But didn't it just start? Then as I left my apartment, my super greeted me by chirping, "Great weather - finally cool out. Hope it stays like this!" 16 days until Labor Day. There is so much I still want to do before there are leaves crunching beneath my knee-high boots and a pumpkin-themed beverage in my mittened hand.

I want to throw sunscreen and sunnies into this bag and GO.

Cherry Ice Sunglasses - Anthropologie

I want this towel.
Surf Bandana Towel - Pendleton

And then I want to use it at the ocean.

Or a good ole' swimming hole.
America's Best Swimming Holes - Travel + Leisure
(shout out to #21!)

I want to never leave the pool.

Because I'm hanging out in this.
Big Mouth Toys Gigantic Donut Pool Float

I want to eat ALL the ice cream and popsicles, from People's Pops to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop to Mister Softee. Did you know the Mister Softee tune has LYRICS?

I want to make my own popsicles. In these molds.

I want to drive my car (oops, what car?) with the windows down blasting the summer song. Or maybe all of the summer songs. Ever.
HERE is a list of the songs of summer since 1962.

I want to have my hair twisted up in braids and dress like a hippy.

I want my digits to be painted the color palette of Tropical Skittles.

On the Beach - Deborah Lippmann
Wendy - Zoya
Silly Billy - butter London
Mojito Madness - Essie

I want to have picnics and drink sangria and roll out a classic game to play.

I want to paint my face in golds and teals and sparkly peach and I want it to all to be encased in a sweet travel bag, reminiscent of Nice. It's nice in Nice!

I want to eat lobster rolls - HERE, HERE, or while cruising around the Hudson.
North River Lobster Company

I want boat drinking.
The Frying Pan

I want beer gardens.
Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

I want tiki bars.
Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

And if I can't get out, I want to drink tropical themed drinks from tropical themed glasses from home.

I want flash tattoos. Or henna.

I want to State Fair it up. Which shouldn't be a problem considering some airlines are advertising fares based on the fair.

I want to have tons of leisure time to read.
100 Books To Read in a Lifetime

Most importantly, I want to read in a hammock. And I want to get in it without looking like a jerk.

So, no. NO, I say, summer. Don't leave just yet.

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