Wednesday, March 3, 2010

State of Mind

Those who know me know I love my home state.
So how apropos would this be?

One of my favorite websites,, led me to the Etsy shop Love California where you can grab your own state of choice in different felt colors and custom placed stitched hearts. I definitely would want a New York to keep Minnesota company.

Kitschy? Yes. And I like it.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how the deep the ingenuity of people wanting to sell something can run! I would never have thought of making a pillow that is shaped like a state and stitching a heart on it. Although it shouldn't surprise me. We live in G'Ville which is the home of the Florida Gators of UF. You can sell anything in this town if you just put an alligator on it!

  2. They should make one of these Florida pillows in blue and orange and it would sell like hot cakes!

  3. Okay, I checked the site and they will make a Florida pillow in blue but it has to be over white. I didn't ask them if they would substitute orange for white, though. I guess they have more taste than to do that to a nice pillow.

  4. Oh how I LOVE this. I need WAY more Minnesota in my home:)

  5. I think more Minnesota in many aspects is the key to happiness. Then again, I'm quite biased. :)