Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Dos To Do

I'm still on the stay-cool kick. I was able to avoid the city heat for 36 hours by escaping to the beautiful, pastoral land known as Connecticut (ah, Connecticut!), but once I hit the pavement again, I knew something had to be done about my hair. You see, I've got a lot of it. And it's all the more noticeable to me when the temperatures and humidity level creep up.

I don't know how Lady Lovely Locks did it.

Lady Lovely Locks Doll - YouTube

I suppose I could go old school and keep my tendrils like Kylie,
but I'm not confident I could truly rock that 1987 look. I'm always happy with a whipped up top knot or milkmaid braids (in fact, both have been my summer staples thus far), but here are some other suggestions if you are willing to get a little creative. These ideas should last you through at least a few eons of summers.

5-Minute Hairstyles - Refinery29

Though I admit this took me way longer to figure out than my IQ would suggest, bun makers are pretty nifty and give you insta-chic style. You can also use a sock!

Before creating any of the above hair dos, I love spritzing my locks with some beachy texturing spray. They smell divine and give your mane a whole other look once deconstructed.

The Gnarly Whale has some lovely scented and purely made products. Plus, how could you not support a company with that name?
The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves Hair Spray - Urban Outfitters

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray -

Complete your 'do with your choice of barrette, kerchief, pin, headband or ribbon. The possibilities are endless.

I just released a decades-old collection of fabric scrunchies, puffy headbands, and overdone clips from my life, only to read THIS (doh!)

 The new scrunchie search begins?

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