Monday, January 11, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

Monday brings thoughts of clean slates which become to do lists that turn to an impossible length and create futile obsession.

That's why my to do list notebook looks like this:

Apparently, this image was created by the British Ministry of Information around the beginning of WWII as propaganda to be passed out if the Nazis invaded Great Britain.

I suppose their problems were a wee bit larger than mine but the message is still sound in present time.

It was never used on the home front but rediscovered in 2000 at a second hand bookshop called Barter Books. Now it is everywhere: decor in baby's rooms, offices, in decorating magazines, as door mats, on mugs and key chains, and yes, of course, the cover of my to do notebook.

I love the industrial sized print and the crown emblem. Also, the bright red that contrasts with the message's tone. It's just so British.

I also found this rebuttle to be cheeky fun:

So, stiff upper lip and Happy Monday.

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