Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artsy Fartsy


and this:

this here:

this one:

also this:

this too:

Boots and raincoats, San Diego, California by Taj Forer

oh, and this:

...can all be found at a stupendous website - http://www.20x200.com/

Their mission is to create a place where any art lover can be an art collector. It just so happens this place is on the Internet. Curator Jen Bekman and her team select one new photo and one new work on paper a week at various price points and print editions depending on the size of the work (and I mean every price point - $20!!). I find this to be a very approachable entry into the world of fun and contemporary art as well as an introduction to many thought provoking artists. Browsing the lot of pieces brings out quite a reaction even if you would never consider buying it yourself.

I'm currently loving this:

I'm thinking because it reminds me of our December 2008 weekend trip to Mexico which feels oh-so-far-away at the moment:

The only "problem" with finding so many affordable prints is that I haven't found an affordable framing option so the bounty of my collection is safely rolled away in nondescript cardboard tubes in a dark corner of the bedroom. Perhaps the Internet can save us on this front, too? A girl can dream.

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