Saturday, January 30, 2010

Non Emotional Baggage

Got baggage?

Self Magazine - January 2010

With all of the fees and mishaps associated with large check-in luggage these days, a chic carry-on is the way to travel. As someone who has globe trotted the past year I recommend packing as light as possible. Once you think you have everything needed for your next vacation, edit out half the contents. You'll see...

With the money you save from avoiding baggage fees you will be able to buy yourself a bag that makes you feel like you are always headed somewhere fabulous:

Saltbox Geo Travel Bag in Kiwi

So what to do with all of of those over-sized, clunky luggage options you once wheeled through MSP, JFK, SFO, LAX, ORD, MCO, LGA, & heaven forbid, EWR?

Some nifty ideas:

 Suitcase Chairs - REcreate

 Luggage End TablesTOMT Inc 

Anthropologie - January 2010 Catalog

 House Tour - Apartment Therapy

The only question that remains is where are we going?


  1. You could live your entire life out of a suitcase...or out of several suitcases and bags per the examples you've shown. Luggage end tables are not very practical, however. If I put stuff on top of them, I can't get to the stuff I put inside of them. Maybe I'm just being too picayune about it.

  2. i LOVE that green kiwi one! and leave it to anthropologie to make a stack of old luggage look fantastic!

    i'm loving the chair idea...somehow I don't think my old samsonite would have the same appeal though :o)