Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Swede It Is

Someday I would like turquoise bookshelves:

I spied this image on one of my favorite style/decor websites, Black White Yellow, where they had found it via the magazine Sköna hem. Upon further perusal of the online version I found myself falling in love with the simple yet bold designs featured in the magazine. Perhaps it is the quarter Swedish in me? Unfortunately, it is all in Swedish and I don't understand even a quarter of Swedish so all I could do was look at the pretty Scandinavian decorating images without having any idea of the sources or subjects. If anyone could help me find the icon button to switch to the English version (or better yet, teach me Swedish), I would be very grateful. 

Other Swedish things I like:
  Swedish Lingonberry Preserves

Swedish Singing Sensation ABBA

The Swedish Chef

Børk! Børk!


  1. Let Google translate the pages for you.

  2. If you haven't already done so and you want a laugh, look up the Swedish Chef on You Tube and watch the various scenes that have been put up featuring him throwing stuff, etc. Hilarious!

  3. and watch for the real human hands...he's one of only a handful (no pun intended) of muppets that had real hands! of course he had to have real hands to pick up knives and throw chickens! :o)