Monday, August 26, 2013

The Win in Winsome

I was going to have a fun little post about the Minnesota State Fair today, but it has been a long 17 hours and I hear it is a gazillion degrees with humidity in the old Land O'Lakes. Can you imagine being the poor sap stuck in the root beer barrel or the corn roast station? Oy...

Today I participated in an orientation of sorts. We had to do "improv games" for 90 minutes. Midway through the session, one of the more seasoned employees scampered up to me chuckling that she "stopped listening to the leader and just followed what I was doing, since I seemed to be doing everything right". I wanted to reply, "Well, I hope so - $100k+ investment went into my knowing how to do theatre games". But I just smiled and laughed along with her.

But, it wasn't all "Yes, and..." games...I also was introduced to this TED talk by Sarah Kay. Love it. Have already replayed it a handful of times. I hope it means something to you, too.

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