Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Eggs

After a week full of frustrations and aches, I decided to start this new week off by focusing on some of the good acts people do that make life that much sweeter.

The FedEx carrier who decided to try and "hide" my package in case a thief would strike.
"Nobody here but us door mats..."

The man at a busy coffee shop who was not a table-hog.
Notepad reads: "You can totally sit here if you'd like!"

The friend who gets you out of town and around a bonfire.
"Pass the s'mores fixins, please!"

The train conductor who gives you a wave after a safe and on time journey home.
Next stop - Kindnesstown.

The co-worker who treats you to a day at the club (and a margarita):
Another day at the office...

Here's to the good eggs in the carton.

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