Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don't Need

Things I need, but don't need...want, but sorta don't want.

Gourmet krispie treats (it's on my way to work...).
I heart 181 St tee - cuz I do!

Clarisonic in Lucy...just because it is called Lucy. I have a problem.

A Rainbow Brite phone case.

A dog stroller! OK, not really.
P.S. Shh! No one can let B see this.

Rainbow AND Heart gafas del sol:
Melting Hearts Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

I do not need these items.
I do not need these items.
I do not need these items.

It's not working.


  1. I love the Rainbow Brite phone case! You must have this!

    1. I'm debating - it's a tad too instead I am procrastinating and don't have any case and keep dropping my phone. Which is a really good plan! ;)



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