Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That's A Wrap

I love me a wrap. Chunky cable knit, super soft pashmina, colorful sweater coat, layered scarves, grilled chicken & hummus...wait, no, back to clothes. I love clothing that is fashionable yet can almost double as a blankie. I would be happy with a closet full of said "blankies".

That being stated, I think it is important to have one light and versatile option to be used any day, anywhere.

Currently, that is the DKNY Cozy:

I see this as a perfect layer for inbetween seasons or handy for a dawn beach walk or evening al fresco dining. It might also be the perfect airplane outfit addition.

 These pieces are everywhere and now come in a choice of a sheer and lengthy cashmere/silk blend or a warmer, bolder merino wool.

With unique variations
it is a multitude of outfits in one (I'd skip the hat, though).

Even with these creative and playful options, I would most likely gravitate toward a subdued neutral tone in ecru, grey, or cream and use it in its most basic form.

I'm undecided on the cashmere versus the wool. Perhaps one of each for Fall and Spring? :)

I guess I shouldn't rule out other options:
The one and only Snuggie


Not as stylish, but it gets the job done.

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  1. Well, I don't know if I like the "cozy" that much. those long tails look weird to me. I do like the way the folds look on the models so maybe the garment has a style that will last. The classic "snuggie" still rules the roost of peculiarities in its own genre.