Monday, February 22, 2010

Over and Out

Can anyone think of a genuine use for these?


If so, I'm placing my order today.


  1. Lego's ability to come up new shapes that will accomodate their products and excite youngsters so as to make the parents buy them is inexaustable. As far as coming up with a use for the "walkie-talkies" I would suggest you could wrap aluminum foil around the "antenna" and then duct tape the device to your building's roof so it would act as a lightning rod.

  2. pops-you're a nut :) actually i know friends who have gone on road trips and used the to communicate between cars instead of calling on their mobile phones :) i guess if they're that good...

  3. Excite youngsters? Does that mean I'm a youngster?? Hooray! Ooh road tripping. That is a good idea!