Friday, October 17, 2014

When Fall Gives You Lemons

I was all set to post about things that "fall" under the category of cozy. My cupboards are stocked with pumpkin puree, the knee high boots are polished, and I've switch from iced coffees to steaming lattes.

But then it hit 70 degrees. Three days in a row.
This humidity and sweatiness does not mix well with my apple cider and leggings. Is this how you flip flop wearing Los Angelenos feel every seasonal change? I'm so confused!

Anyway, I put the autumnal inspiration on hold for something completely inappropriate for this time of year - LEMONS!
Yep, it's mid October and I've got lemons on my mind.
Is there a fruit more cheery, bright, and zingy? I think not. It adds instant zest to whatever you use it in or on. Lemons are the refresh button of life.

Wear something with a lemon on it. I have a lemon dress and I actually had a construction worker bellow across Madison Avenue that I was "looking quite citrusy today". Is that not the best compliment ever (especially from a construction worker)? All of the collections that were ripe for the picking in May are now sold out, but you can find cute prints from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and Dolce & Gabbana on Ebay.

How sweet (or sour) are these clutches?

A zest or squeeze of lemon elevates any dish. I love to use it in baking because I feel like the dessert is that much healthier. Vitamin C, anyone? I enjoy fooling myself.

Remember THESE? Perfection.

This lemon zucchini bread is a great way to sneak some fruit AND veggies into a treat. Warning: it is extremely sweet - the next time I whip up a batch, I may try and cut back on the sugar.
Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread - Lil Luna 

Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive this lemon-themed baking kit (HINT! HINT!)

Throw this mug into the loot, as well.

Years ago, I spent time traveling Italy. I distinctly remember the smell of lemon blossoms, whether enjoying my espresso in the square or hiking Cinque Terre. Lemon trees were everywhere and heavenly. Wouldn't it be swell to bring a little Italia into your home?

I knew lemons were a natural disinfectant and also remember squeezing juice into my hair to make "highlights" as a tween, but did you know they could also brighten your nails?

This is one of my favorite lotions, perfect for extra rough spots like knees, elbows, and hands. I stayed at the W Hotel in San Francisco where they stocked these products, and I didn't want to check-out!

I can't finish this list without mentioning lemonade. 
Little Lucy's Limonada

Not to diss my classic recipe, but THIS one mentioned on Cup of Jo sounds a bit more refined.

And then you could sneak it into this...

Or to deal with the sourness of life sober, just turn to the sourest of them all, Grumpy Cat.

See? I bet you feel sunnier already. That's the magic of lemons.
Next April, I promise to muse about nutmeg and mulled wine.

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