Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vogue's 73 Questions

I love this video series by Vogue where Joe Sabia "stops by" a celeb's house, work, or hang out to ask them 73 questions as they go about doing whatever they were doing. 

Even though it is (for the most part) scripted, the vibe is easy going and fascinatingly fresh. The real personality is very apparent and you can easily pick out who you would get along with or not. And for those that interview in their abodes, I'm drooling. Oh, to have an outdoor living room and a pool!

No doubt, my current favorite is Ms. Wintour (if you haven't, watch The September Issue), but I also admired SJP's smooth delivery and responses.

Click HERE to see the first season.

Why 73? Hm, that's a good question.

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