Saturday, March 27, 2010

Go Go Gadget

Life has been busy. I suppose that is good but I've been slacking in the creative blogging. 


I watched this and was inspired/entertained:

I ate this and was refreshed:

and I kept myself from buying this:

So the craziness has consumed me but - 

After these messages I'll be riiiiiiiiiight back.


  1. Saw that bag yesterday, LOVE.
    Mmm, mango, must try.
    Have that on DVR, need to watch!

    Great post : )

  2. Yes, those of us who visit your blog site daily (sometimes more than once/day) have been feeling the symptoms of withdrawal as we are greeting with the nice but by now banal picture of tulips! You can't get your fans hooked on blog entries and then deny them their fixes. Let this be a lesson to you to adopt more regular patterns of communication.