Friday, March 12, 2010

Budding Romance

I know I've put a lot of focus on Spring/Summer related blog topics. I'm more anxious than ever for the playfulness and joy of those seasons and I can't wait to savor the warm and sunny days which will no doubt pass too quickly. I'm hoping to spend some of those days and nights in these (excuse the non-artistic screenshot, I've yet to get photo-fancy & image tech savvy):

I tend to live in flats (mostly so I don't fall into city grates or sidewalk cracks-I actually saw a woman stuck in a sidewalk crack once because of a stiletto-true story) but I would like to try a little more fashionable height. Plus, the wedge platform will provide some balance. The rosebuds are so romantic but the bold colors give them a fresh feel and the cork material keeps them casual. I would like them in every color.

So, the Spring forward theme will probably keep appearing, but I promise I will make up for Winter 2010 another time. Christmas in July anyone?

1 comment :

  1. Well, I don't know how anyone can wear those wedge shoes and be comfortable, let alone walk any distance. I must say the ones you featured are colorful and with the floral buds they have a Caribbean feel to them. You won't forget the winter of 2010 soon, I'm sure.