Monday, October 25, 2010

Wee Wee Wee All the Way Home

If you own a smallish dog in a big city, it is likely you will be very familiar with these:

The infamous wee-wee pad. Meant for house training puppies as well as occasional use for the small apartment dwelling set. I've always felt slightly guilty about using them as they are not very eco friendly and somewhat wasteful (no pun intended). So I was happy and surprised to find many an unintentional purpose for them during my move:
  • Bubblewrap & newspaper substitute. There are only so many AM New Yorks you can take from the corner newsstand. These provided great cushioning when you are in need last minute!
  • Towel/Mat. When you haven't unpacked your bath rug yet, guess what is just as absorbent under your feet? I know it sounds gross, but trust me.
  • No scuff or water marks. We found ourselves placing the pads on furniture so that the boxes and items wouldn't scratch up the table or counters while the sorting and unpacking was being done. Brilliant. Also placed a few under plants to prevent water ring stains on the floor.
  • Art Protector. Draping a wee-wee over framed pieces of art protects and separates the frame and art as they are piled together.
Now I feel a wee bit (har-har) less guilty knowing that I was able to make use of the pads before the actual use of the pads. So does he:

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