Sunday, April 4, 2010

Uh Oh Spaghetti-...

Talking Squash
I've never had a problem eating my vegetables but remembering to make them is another thing. I'm creatively challenged when it comes to whipping up a quick snack or easy side dish that includes those very important members of the food pyramid.

Since I had been succeeding with brussels sprouts, I was saddened to see they are no longer in season but was delighted to be reminded of a favorite childhood dish via THIS appetizing blog.
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Super easy and more fun than saying couscous, this gourd will now have a permanent place on my shopping list.


  1. It's interesting how Nafta and Globalization have changed the way we live in such dramatic ways. Years ago squash was primarily a fall dish but now you can get all different kinds year-round. We have a little town near G'Ville called Windsor and there is this older English lady who has a, I'm kidding. What Windsor, FL is known for is its zucchini festival. They grow a lot of that type of squash there and you can have it fixed in many ways you might not have anticipated. I'm a big fan of zucchini or any food that ends in an "i"

  2. i love me some spaghetti squash!!! so tasty :) send any good recipes my way please :)