Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hava-Nice Day

Enjoying a warm weather vacation means having the perfect flip flops to lounge around in. I mean, you have to find your way from the hammock to the breakfast buffet without stepping on a shell somehow...

There is no flip flop like a pair of Havaianas. Originally modeled after the Zori, a typical Japanese sandal, these brighter and more modern versions came on the scene in 1962. Building in popularity and use since then, the company has a rainbow of colors and patterns ranging from splashy & loud to playful & childlike, sleek, tribal inspired, and even sports teams.

I love their new slim peacock line which has a thinner strap to more easily go from beach to dinner:

I have found them to be incredibly comfortable and durable, although there are some forces of nature that can't be overcome. On a recent trip to St. Martin (see blog logo), I practically lived in my teal & gold Havaianas which seemed to match the color of the sea.

One day, during a photo op at one particular secluded beach, a monstrous wave crawled up the sand and literally took them off my feet, one at a time.  They were swept out into the Caribbean . There I was, shoeless and in shock, and there were my Havaianas, entrapped in a whirlpool until they flipped and flopped their way beyond my eyesight.
My Dad, attempting to rescue my Havaianas
I'm hoping that one day, while relaxing at Jones Beach or some other seashore, they will wash back ashore to me, having found their way home. Until then, a good excuse to buy multiple replacements!

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  1. I could have fetched back those shoes but Lu decided it was too risky for just flip-flops and had to borrow her Mom's pair of shoes.

    A strong power that ocean is, even when looking so pretty.