Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Clean It's Scary

I try my best to use eco-friendly household products even when they don't work as well as the chemical versions.

But then I met this fellow:

They really are MAGIC and I use them any chance I get: drains, faucets, oven, baseboards, light switches, wall scrapes, shoes (yes, shoes!), cabinets, microwave, tiles, bikes...

But in order to clean all of the above there must be some toxic ingredient that creates three-eyed fish in the rivers, colorless poisons in the air, and other nasty results. Right? But I just can't bring myself to abandon such an efficient and useful product. I just can't.

So if I am using all of this magic, does that make me a witch? Hmmmm...


  1. Sometimes, Mr. Clean needs to come to the rescue. Mr.Clean Mr. Clean Mr. Clean....

    Some more chemicals maybe, but a lot less bacteria...

  2. OMG! I hear those things are magic!

    Anyway! I was so excited to figure out that daises was you! Yay, thank you for following, and now I shall follow you! :)

  3. I think Daises is Leannis, but I read you too :)

  4. yes daisies is me, dern it! :o) i too love me some mr. clean...i cannot for the life of me figure out what is in that little white spongy's probably best not to know? :-P