Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Par-ty...Pizza Par-ty!

I already adore pizza.

But then to do this to it:

Chocolate. Pizza. Chocolate Pizza! Aah!

I was made aware of this circle of goodness in a Food Network episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Sidenote: check out that show but only when you have food in the house because it will make you so ravenous that you will look twice at the dog treats.

The Willy Wonka who created this perfection (well, perfection minus the bananas) is Max Brenner. I am lucky that a 20 minute subway ride will satisfy my cravings but I see there are other locations worldwide. Hooray!

Those who know me well can predict that the banana section will need to be rotated as far away as possible and consumed by my dining partners, but the marshmallows and caramel sides make up for it.


  1. i was about to call you up and ask if you'd lost your mind, because I thought you'd made this concoction of yumminess pictured above but had an aneurysm when you i saw the bananas on it...I can't imagine you'd even peel a banana, let alone slice it and put it on something edible! :o)
    i however would fully enjoy the 1/4 banana pie...doesn't look like there's any cheese on it! we'll go to Max's restaurant next time i visit...

    gotta love some FN! <3

  2. i need to edit my own posts before I post them..sorry for the non-sensical sentence up there...changed the sentence and forgot to take out the 'you' :-P

  3. Tis true, banana peeling is on my no-no list. Can't wait to try the 'za together!