Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blue Plate Special

On a recent vacation to Mexico, I found myself snapping pictures at the all-inclusive's variety of restaurants. But unlike most Instagramable shots, this wasn't for #foodporn, but for the interesting menu choices. Check out some of my favorite selections.

"Yogurt" and "Egg" are two words that I never want to be combined with "Surprise".

 Shine on peas, shine on.

Hot vanilla foam - only served after midnight.
And the last item makes my brain explode.

Good, because I don't care for that new, modern take on beef juice.

Just when I get used to foam being on every description, they throw the xnipec air curveball.

This is the kind of test I'll study for.

This Onion Land is my land, This Onion Land is your land...

I mean, how could you ever decide between freeze lettuce, herbal chlorophyll, and fantasy!?

At least it still is in its natural habitat.

Who cut the edge cheese air?

And my top pick...
What does that combination even result in?

Perhaps these were a bit lost in translation, but reading the Spanish version is just as puzzling.

Does anyone have any guesses as to what these things actually are? I say we all take a vacation together and find out. Bon appétit!

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