Monday, January 26, 2015

Juno Snow

I hear a storm's a brewin'. It has a name.

Which sounds like this:

Or if you are a MT nerd like me, this:

And it looks like this:

Growing up in Minnesota (come on, you knew that was coming), arctic conditions were not unusual. We considered our ability to brush off a blizzard a badge of honor to wear proudly - over our seven layers of clothing, of course. During the months of November-April in Minne-snow-ta, you are guaranteed to find this aisle in about any store.
Yes, that consists of hand warmers, ice picks, and snowball makers.
The above items would have come in handy during one of these
Famous Minnesota Winter Storms.

We all tell a tall tale of the '91 Halloween Blizzard. I remember boarding the "activities bus" which departed around 5pm. I think I had been in rehearsals for The Hobbit: The Musical (never again had anyone seen such a gripping portrayal of Nori the Dwarf). The snowflakes were just starting to fall. By the time I stepped off the bus 40 minutes later, my feet sunk into a drift up to my ankles. Needless to say, every Minnesotan child went Trick-Or-Treating as a "bundled up child" for Halloween that year, but again, it was par for the tundra course.

These East Coasters handle the storm news a bit differently. And by different, I mean cray-cray. For instance, one hour after an official storm warning, I dare you to find a tub of hummus or a bag of chips within a 5-mile radius. So dramatic about their snack selection. I mean, this is going to be over in a day, right? I guess it doesn't help when the headlines are like this:
Worst Ever Historic Oh My God Imminent Stop Everything You Are Doing and Hide Under Your Bed With Hummus and Your Dog Storm

So we are either about to be slapped with a heavy dose of winter reality, or...not. Time will tell. I'm curious to see how it will rank in NYC Winter Storm History. Did you know the 1888 storm is the impetus for moving NYC's wire infrastructure underground? 

Check out THESE captivating NYC snowstorm shots. If only they had Instagram then!

During the February 2003 event, I was happily stuck in San Francisco with my mom and cousin, unable to get a flight back into snowblanketed-NYC. I missed a few auditions, but had a fun touristy time at the wharf eating sour dough bread and riding street cars.
The snow dump during the 2010 holidays was particularly adventurous for me being that I was working in Anguilla and had no route back to a shutdown NYC. Instead, I had to fly directly from the tropics to Minnesota, where I had a suitcase full of conch shells and flip flops.
February 2006 I had just started to recover from a severe bout of the flu. I remember trudging through those record setting 26.9 inches to my corner bodega for some medicine and soup.
W 155th Street, NYC - February 2006

Do you have any snowed-in stories from epic storms? 

If you really want to put things in perspective, I suggest hankering down to read The Children's Blizzard. It chronicles one of the most brutal and tragic Midwestern storms of all time, which gives a new appreciation for today's weather and communication technology, as well as a better understanding of the severe homesteading life that many immigrants faced during the 1800s.

Besides not living on the prairie in 1888, I am also thankful that I have no need to drive a car today or venture too far from home. What are your snowed-in plans?

I've got my Gap fair isle leggings on,
(sold out online, similar HERE and HERE)

oils incorporated into my beauty routine,

 Macadamia Deep Hair Mask - Target

Maracuja Oil Rollerball - Tarte

and a few slow cooker and one pot recipes added to Pinterest.

As far as Bryndal is concerned, this is what he thinks of braving the snow with protective booties.

So...that's not going to work. Any other ideas?

The background on my gmail is falling white stuff, so I guess the countdown has begun.
Stay safe, be smart.

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