Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Morning in Linden Hills

Opening your mailbox to find mail that isn't a bill, take-out flyer, or a 100 pound Restoration Hardware catalog is the BEST. It makes you feel special, cared for, and young again (when we knew not of the inter-webs). As much as a Facebook birthday is quantifiably fun (look how many "friends" I have!!) - admit it - it means more when you get a real live card sent by post. 

But finding a card that is worthy of a postage stamp is not the easiest task these days. They tend to be insulting, humorless, and filled with cliches. That's why I pretty much bought out the store when I came across Bald Guy Greetings.

Warning: These greetings may not be the best choice for dear Grammy Rose or crazy Uncle Harry. They can be a bit sardonic and low on sentiment - but they are funny - for the right person. 

It was no surprise that we stumbled upon these LOL-cards in a charming store in a charming section of Minneapolis called Linden Hills, a few blocks away from the charming Lake Harriet.
Honeyshine is a shop where curiosity is required. They carry a range of nifty gifty products ranging from to gem-like balancing blocks to...

 ...mugs that give some sass to the start of your day.

Since you are already in the neighborhood, wander next door to Wild Rumpus - a children's bookstore chock-full of imaginative stories and a menagerie of live animals. There is even a pint sized door for the coming and going of pint sized people.

After making sure you give a pet to Mr. Skeeter (followed by a good slathering of Purell), head a few more doors over to Tilia, the fabulous Chef Steven Brown's take on a neighborhood brasserie.

If it happens to be brunch o'clock, don't miss the smattered hash browns, yogurt creme brûlée, and house made iced chai.

But I promise it won't be easy to pick just one dish.

To walk off the decadence, stroll around the always-classic Lake Harriet, perhaps catching a concert at the bandshell or just staring out at the water, selecting which sailboat you would own.

A little shopping, a little nature, a lot of food. Day complete.

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