Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot Diggity Dog!

I sure do buy into all of these ridiculous National Holidays. How else will you know when to honor your pants by taking them for a walk?

That's why today I want to wish you a Very Happy National Hot Dog Day!

I'm not a hot dog connoisseur, per se. It's hard to attain that level when you've spent 20+ years of your life refusing to eat them. It all started when Mrs. Anderson informed our first grade class what they were made of. That shock lasted awhile until I moved to a town that celebrates them, not only on National Hot Dog Day but as a symbol of the city, and I could no longer resist. Plus, they go SO well with beer. Sorry, Mrs. Anderson!

If you are in NYC, I recommend you grabbing a dog from any of these fine establishments:
Check out where the red phone booth goes...

The Recession Special - always.

If you are going to grill one up at home, I plead with you to soak it in beer first. Because...BEER!

To really get in the hot dog mood, you can sing one of my favorite campfire songs pre and post consuming.
By the way, when looking for a Youtube clip of I Know a Weenie Man, I came across a LOT of people attempting to sing it - which was a whole new level of entertainment.

And favorite hot dog of all:

No bun required.

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