Friday, August 16, 2013


With certain flight routes consistent for me, I've become a Delta frequent flyer.

I've been pretty pleased - air travel in general has become sigh-inducing, requiring the highest level of patience, and at least if you are familiar with a certain company, you know what to expect and which rules can be bent in order to make your journey more of a pleasure in the sky.

As the Delta flights added up, I became more and more humored by this :
Recognize her? Or more specifically, the finger wag?

This was Delta's preflight safety video for years.
You can skip to 1:50 to see noted "wag".
" not allowed..."

Yep. That line and that movement.
It was just so catchy. Something that made me smile pre-takeoff. Or was it the vodka & OJ?

During one flight to the tropics, I was informed by a seat mate (who chuckled seeing me imitate the wag/phrase), that the stern yet playful flight attendant with great facial bone structure was indeed a flight attendant! Not an actress! This gentleman had met her and even knew the redhead's name - 
Kat. Katherine Lee, formally.

I wasn't sure that I believed him. But who is going to argue when you have 4 hours to spend together with only reused oxygen to breath.

Skip to a year later.

I settled in to my limited recline window seat to enjoy the usual safety instruction video, finger prepped to enforce to my imaginary passenger that she could not smoke, for it was NOT allowed (wag-wag-wag).

Alas! It was a different video! At first, I was disappointed and miffed. But then I ended up being even more amused at the new, cheekier version that was playing. And they even gave a nod to Kat!

Version #1
Version #2

And who doesn't like some good outtakes?:

I approve. And I guess I'm not the only passenger who becomes obsessed with such things as goofy airline safety videos and charismatic flight attendants/airline safety video stars.
At least so says the New York Times in this article:
At least I didn't propose to Deltalina...



  1. Did you notice the blurry Abe Lincoln in the background of the new video (v1) around 3:06-3:15?

    1. No! I had not! It's like one of those pictures that don't look like anything until you un-focus your eyes and all of a sudden there is a sailboat and a polar bear! Amazing. I can't think of anything that wouldn't be made better by a blurry Abe Lincoln. Thanks for pointing it out!