Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

Sappy song. Sappy movie. Sappy LuRuSo.

First saw this movie at a Bryant Park Summer Film Festival back in 2004 with some best girlfriends. We competed for a coveted picnic spot, almost had our cheese & crackers stolen, and cried our collective eyes out along with thousands of other New Yorkers.

It might have been the vodka spiked pink lemonade, but the tear level was up there with Beaches.

Ms. MacGraw was on Oprah not long ago, and as they revisited scenes from the movie, I fell in love all over again - but this time with the outfits & style.
The perfectly parted flaxen hair, knitted hats and scarves, use of red, mini skirts paired with tights and turtlenecks, pea coats, wool & tartan, and simple lines never made me say I'm sorry.

I mean, come on...

 The wool trench and shearling boots. Pops of red.

 I need that dress now.

How many wool coats and skirts does this girl own?

Digging the plaid. More red.

Way ahead of Harry Potter-wear.

It almost makes me yearn for winter again, if only to wear a maroon knit hat and eat snow with a crush.

A little leftover sixties.

 Crisp whites and a nostalgic tee. Anyone else notice that his shorts are just as short?

And look at those don't-mess-with-me-I-attend-Radcliffe glasses. Maybe that's why I'm so into THESE.

OK, nothing fashionista about this shot - I just love it.

Who's up for a Bryant Park movie this summer?

I'll bring the lemonade...

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