Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Rye

Q: What's the first thing you associate with the state of Minnesota?
A: Jewish delis.

OK, maybe not - but once you've dined at Cecil's, you will.

We try and swing by the old hood of Highland Park at least a few times a year. Drive by Juliet Avenue, see how much taller the backyard maple has grown, cruise past the movie theatre where I saw Annie at 2 years old and refused to leave afterward, remember cello lessons at St. Kate's, and of course, sit down at Cecil's for a cup of soup and a half a sandwich, ala Gran style.
Lox & Cream Cheese Burger

Russian Roulette

Chocolate Egg Cream & Phosphate

Dozens of mustards to choose from...

Make sure and leave with a treat or bagels to-go.


  1. yum! i just went there for the first time last year and loved it! hope your stay here is good. :)

  2. Cecil's is the best. My stay was wonderful. Can't wait to return (to MN AND Cecil's!).