Sunday, August 10, 2014

National S'mores Day 2014

I know, I know, enough with these "National" blah-blah-blah days, Lucy. I agree. But the thing is, of the likes of Lucy, s'mores hold an honored place somewhere among the Top 10. So how could I let this holiday pass without musing on some chocolate-graham-marshmallow combinations?

S'mores have popped up in this blog a few times before, both HERE and HERE (as I mentioned, Top 10!), but there is always room for some more s'mores.

Ever have trouble finding a good roasting stick? These would solve that problem, and you could then prove you take your s'moring seriously.

No campfire? No need! With this handy tool, you can grill to desired gooeyness.
S'more to Love STL-611 6-S'more Maker

No grill either? How about this still smokey, yet sans-fire version? I'm seeing the very impressed dinner party guests already.

Or if you are on the go...

S'mores Cookies - Downtown Cookie Co.

You never want to get too stagnant with your s'more recipe. How about transitioning the summer treat into fall by adding a sweet squash pudding?

If I had kids, they'd definitely own this. Heck, I think I want one.

Not so much with the s'more soap.

Just so you know, I did not seek out s'more soap (mainly because I'm pretty sure I'd try to eat it even knowing it was soap.) It happened to be the main result of a Google search for s'mores. Who knew?

I will be adding all of THESE restaurants/resorts to my Travel To GoGo Pinterest board. At the top of the list will be The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe - where they have a marshmologist (I did not make up that word.) Instead of tea time, every afternoon, a s'mores smorgasbord (say that three times fast) is set out by the fire, complete with the marshmallow flavor of the day.
Ritz-Carlton - Lake Tahoe

Say, how do you become a marshmologist? I'm thinking of a career change...

I'm not really one for birthday surprises. It might be because most surprises I've had haven't been the fun kind...BUT if you were to surprise me, it better include either dogs, swimming, or s'mores. This backyard s'mores birthday party is one of the happiest things I can imagine (unless you added the dogs and the swimming into the mix). And what a great excuse to have birthday marshmallows!

I'm going to head out now to purchase s'mores fixins for tonight. A stovetop will have to be my flame of choice (maybe post-Supermoon viewing?), but if you have access to an actual fire - devour a slightly charred s'more for me, will you?

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