Monday, August 25, 2014

Go Go Gadget...

...make a meal!

While I always will invest in and appreciate a good cooking/baking/entertaining basic (butcher block cutting board, the perfect chef's knife, a passed-down cast iron pan), I'm a sucker for a kooky kitchen gadget. They are like toys that involve getting to eat and drink! Playtime! 

I was editing out a kitchen drawer and came across many finds, some of which took a while to recall a purpose. It was almost a game.

Let's call it Guess! That! Gadget!
(I'll include answers at the bottom of this post at a later date)











Recognize any of them? Or do they just resemble medieval torture devices?
What is a kitchen tool that you can't live without? Or are you more of a hands-are-the-only-tool-you-need kind of cook?

Speaking of useless gadgets, HERE is one artist's attempt to create the most frustrating products imaginable. I laughed/cringed just seeing the pictures. It makes me very thankful for the fork.

Answers: 1. Citra Sipper 2. Meatball Scooper 3. Cherry or Olive Pitter 4. Cork Extractor
5. Rubber Strap Wrench (jar opener) 6. Pastry Wheel 7. Egg Topper Cutter Clipper Stainless Kitchen Gadget 8.Butter Curler 9. Pineapple Corer/Slicer 10. Crinkle Cutter

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