Wednesday, August 10, 2011

S'mores Holiday

I'm having some technical glitches here in the internet kingdom, so I will be delayed on some lovely Vermontiness posts. 

In the meantime, please note that today is National S'mores Day.

No, really. I'm s'rious.

Which is wild since I just returned from a walk where I saw a squirrel with a full on s'more in his mouth. Truly. If you are a squirrel, take up shop in Vermont.

As one that considers s'mores a food group, I feel it is my duty to celebrate this day.

To make it extra special, use an unbelievable chocolate, such as Theo Chocolate. Remember Theo? They love s'mores, too.

S'more S'mores:

All we are missing is a fire. I need to follow that squirrel!

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