Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Do the DODO

I was excited to see that one of my favorite gadget-covering companies is having a big, blowout birthday sale tomorrow.

DODOcase, handcrafted in San Francisco, are stylish, functional, and unique cases designed to protect your gadget of choice while keeping the art of bookbinding alive.

I found my beloved DODOcase at J.Crew a couple of years ago. While reading my iPad on the subway, no one suspects that I have something electronic between the binding. Sneaky, right?

Tomorrow, April 4, they celebrate their 4th birthday by offering a large amount of products at 40% off. Surf around their SITE and see if you find something to your liking - for 40% less, of course!

You should also check out their BLOG and PINTEREST for more inspiration and a behind the scenes look at how things get done at DODO.

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