Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh Hi There.

Remember me?
Route 80

No, I haven't been in hiding.
5th & Pleasant, Rockwell City, Iowa

Although it looks like fun.

Things just have been slightly...busy.

And very hot.
New York City's "Cascade Bay"

With lots of changes.

Good changes.

But it's August 1st and I awoke to an inbox full of "Enjoy the Last Days of Summer" emails, which reminded me that a) WE HAVE COUNTLESS WEEKS LEFT TO ENJOY SUMMER, IF NOT OVER A MONTH, STOP IT WITH THE PRESSURE/SWEATER VESTS ALREADY (deep breath) and b) I haven't even shared my likes of winter and spring yet. So...I better get on that. Get ready for some lovely ideas for wrapping Christmas presents and making stew.

Anyway, oh hi there.

And remember:

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