Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheeky Mitts and Much-Needed Longjohns

This past weekend I was here:

with them:
L to R: Bill Carmichael, Brian Golub, Kelly Rypkema, Scott Nicholas, and moi.

performing to benefit this:
Vergennes Opera House

And it was lovely.

And cold.

Suddenly I remembered the importance of long johns.
I've been told that there are some festive striped ones from H&M that I'm going to seek out today but I'm also considering getting some heavy duty options.
Afterall, I'm still going to Minnesota before 2011 where this happened:

So I feel they will be put to good use, no?

And why don't we add some cute mittens to the wintry mix:
Madewell - Ski Lodge Mittens

ASOS - Pom Pom Mittens

Coach - Knit Mittens

Target - Muk Luks Tweed Mittens

All of this below zero talk is making my fingers wish I had an above pair of mittens on now, though I would have some trouble typing the rest of this post. Dilemma.

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