Friday, December 31, 2010

All-Stars All Right By Me

Just when I thought I couldn't love the Top Chef series any more, Bravo upped my adoration by premiering Season 8, Top Chef All-Stars:

The contestants are all at an inspiring level of skill and creativity, the personalities are familiar and well-matched (good job, producers), and some of my favorite judges are accounted for in every episode (Hello, Gail and "Tony"!).
Plus, after a circus-like Las Vegas season of ridiculous challenges and a forgettable Season 7, I find the episodes to be appropriate, exciting and slightly more fair, and you can tell the chefs feel the same way. An all around good time is had by all.

Also, check out the various Top Chef blogs. Bourdain's is particularly scathing/hilarious/insightful and I was just laughing out loud so much reading it that my Mom had to ask twice, "what is so funny"?

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