Friday, September 24, 2010

Logging On

Why, hello there. Nice to see you. You're looking good.

I'm back. As I sit here at Brooklyn Bagel enjoying a hazelnut iced coffee and a mini bagel that should never be classified as mini, I've typed, erased, and retyped many a post subject only to change my mind to a new line of thought. There is a lot of blogging to come...
Fall Fun
  • San Francisco Eats: Remember when I went to San Francisco last June? I ate. A lot. Time to finally mention a few of those scrumptious places that I hope to revisit.
  • October: My favorite month is approaching and I want to celebrate all that makes it my month of choice (cider, apples, hayrides, pumpkins, pies, crunchy leaves, bike rides, birthdays, sweater dresses, pencils, bonfires, Halloween...)
  • Alex & Anthony: Two of the most dearest people in the world (and my friends), Alex & Anthony, are getting hitched on October 3rd. Good times, good friends.
  • Grey/Gray: New start, new apartment, new paint job! I'm currently obsessed with all shades and all things gray. Project #1 is to pick out the perfect gray paint for my new bedroom.
  • Sharing is Caring: I could spend a whole day reading blogs. There are so many interesting, creative, and humorous people out there in the virtual world who inspire and entertain me on a daily basis. I want you to enjoy them, as well.
  • Empire State of Mind: Fall is one of the best times to visit and explore New York City. It is time to cross some things off my To See List, including the newly opened Eataly, the Bronx Zoo, museums with a Central Park walk home, the Frying Pan, shows, shopping, eating, and general merriment!
So much to catch up on and so much to come. I'm kind of excited.

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