Saturday, October 26, 2013

Molly's Cupcakes

I want us to play a little game.

Imagine each of the following:

Greenwich Village
Creme Brûlée

Do you have a clear picture of each in your mind? Good, because I'm about to blow it.

These things exist in one place. A real place.
Molly's Cupcakes

I'd heard about Molly's for over a year, but hadn't found an excuse to stop by. My dad and I were in the neighborhood one night for dinner, so I thought that could be the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), we had just spent 2+ hours consuming cheese, so the thought of eating one crumb more was hard to...swallow...but I convinced him. After all, it was only a block and a half down the street. Oh boy, did we choose right. 

It was like we had a separate stomach just for these cupcakes.

We chose two of the center-filled cupcakes - a happy meld between your favorite dessert, but in cupcake form.
As you can see, I'm very content with our decision, heading on over to a swing seat.

The Creme Brûlée cupcake was unbelievable. Of course, the sign of a good creme brûlée - that caramelized top that cracks when the spoon hits it (or in this case, your teeth) - was incorporated and perfect. We also split the Boston Cream which was decadent and rich, but not overly sweet.

The Cake Batter and Cookies n Cream were listed as two very popular choices, but there seemed to be a flavor for everyone, some fruit based, some seasonal, and some classic. You can also create your own combination.
The owner (or Chief Egg Cracker, as he refers to himself), Johnny, was manning the counter. Molly's is inspired by his 3rd grade teacher who brought the most scrumptious cupcakes to class for each student's birthday. In her honor, a portion of the sales is donated to schools in the community.

And then did I mention the swings?

If you find yourself meandering the streets of the Village, you must pop in and try a Molly's cupcake. Save me a swing!

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