Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do You Smell Something?

Something good, of course.

Lately I've been very into perfumes. I take delight in the ceremony of selecting a fragrance for the day to match my mood. I enjoy the artistic bottles decorating my bureau and the ridiculous names that marketing teams create. I have fun testing them out and seeing how my body chemicals change the undertones. I also really, really, really like not smelling bad.

I tend toward light, youthful scents with notes of white floral, amber, citrus, and wood. The below are on my wish list.

Very light. Summer. Bergamot and grass. Classy.

The day after I touted my love for honey, I spied the Honeymania collection at The Body Shop. Some of the soaps smell a little...well, soapy...but I enjoyed this clean honey and wildflower spritzer.

This one is very fruity, almost tropical, without smelling like a piña colada. I wasn't aware that lychees had an aroma, but I sure like it!

Oh my, my, my. I'm already a big fan of NEST candles. I mean, with scents like Wild Oats & Bourbon for Winter, Blue Garden for Spring, Wasabi Pear for Summer, and Pumpkin Chai for Fall, how could you not be content all year round? And now they have a line of perfumes. The packaging is gorgeous - I'll definitely have to get a full-sized bottle. My favorite is Midnight Fleur, a very layered sultry, yet sweet scent hinting of vanilla, jasmine, and blue cyclamen. I did enjoy the entire collection and feel there would be at least one that you gravitate toward.

And for you gents out there (or anyone who prefers wearing more masculine colognes), I was late coming back from my lunch break because I couldn't stop sniffing this one:

So that's my two scents. Or five.

Do you have a "signature scent"? Something that you've worn forever (oh how I wish I still owned Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth Perfume!)? Or do you like to switch it up with the season? Or do you crave the newest celebrity potion? Inquiring noses want to know!

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