Wednesday, August 24, 2011

20 Blocks

My ward for the weekend:

Headed south. Is it strange that whenever I see the Empire Hotel I always think of the MTV Legally Blonde casting show?

NYC Saturdays always involve dogs, brunch, and inappropriate cell phone usage:

I stopped into West Elm to say hello to my favorite CHAIR. Hi chair!

Columbus Circle has changed so much since I moved here. My little girl is all grown up...

Where I learned that THIS dress will blow straight up when crossing a particularly strong wind tunnel:

Tourist giveaway = white tennies:

What do you want to bet they are headed to the M&M store?

OK, who brought the bubbles?

Ah, discounted theater. In hopes of seeing my friend who is working at TKTS (found her later!):

I know the cabbies hate it, but I adore the Times Square green space:

Suckage. Sorry, lady!

Yay! Good shmacting!

Once every blue moon, three specific neon letter lights go out to humorous results:

What's a New York Saturday afternoon without a little Scientology protest? P.S. The protesters had built a beach. I was this close to joining the chanting if only to get a moment in the sand.

Heading home, pounding on top of a decades worth of gum:

That stretch of 20 blocks smells of pretzels, urine, new sneakers, paper, Jamba Juice, tar, exhaust fumes, Bath & Bodyworks lotions, sawdust, and hot dogs. Eau de New York.

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