Sunday, April 11, 2010

Master Class

I love Bravo's Top Chef. I can't get enough. Last year, Top Chef gave birth to Top Chef Masters and now I have two children to give my affection to.
TCM takes a tad different route than TC by having a different set of competitors in each episode with the winners of each competing in the champion round. Also, as the title suggests, in Top Chef Masters the chefs are indeed acclaimed chefs with their own successful restaurants. They are playing for a chance to win big bucks for a charity of their choice.
Sometimes I feel for these "masters" because they are already in the top of their field, yet are given challenges aimed at embarrassment and failure such as creating gourmet dishes in 30 minutes from products purchased at a gas station:
Cheetos Macaroni with Grilled Slim Jims and Tomato Soup

Somehow, they still seem to prevail.
Looking forward to the delicious looking and inspirational food ahead. And of course, seeing all the many hats of Gael Greene.

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  1. Well, I'm also a fan of TCM! But my TCM is Turner Classic Movies! As you can imagine they show a lot of vintage (euphemism of the first order) plus special events like all of the Hitchcock movies or a foreign film festival...stuff that appeals to an almost cineophile like me! As for the chef programs you mentioned, I've enjoyed watching those people struggle to come up with dishes in the time periods allotted and it's pretty impressive. I have to say that the dish you featured in this blog would not have appealed to me but thankfully I wasn't asked to be a from things purchased at a gas station???