Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Feels - Volume VIII

I feel like I am zigzagging to and fro for quick getaways or weekend stays quite often during this busy time of year. Wit & Delight's weekender bag fits everything I need for a couple of days away - check out the bottom compartment which is perfect for separating shoes! It's designed with a combo of utility and style. Now off you go!

2017 has been a gut punch right up until the end. It will definitely be a year to remember, eh? With the #metoo movement gaining momentum and revealing some crushing realities about men that we may have even looked up to, I surveyed my friends to see whose downfall from bad behavior would be the biggest blow. The clear winner? Allen Bauer, himself:

I've heard only good things about Lady Bird and now that I've seen that other little art house movie (hint: rhymes with car doors), this will be my next film outing.

And I've watched enough talk show rounds with the leading lady to finally know how to pronounce Saoirse.

THIS couldn't be a better story (along with the accompanying and always classy Page Six photo).

Why are dogs just the best? A statement hoodie that reads my mind.

Thanksgiving may be over, but these super savory and sage-forward salt bombs keep the thanks a flowin'. It's one of those novelty items that actually work.

Not sure how long this product will be on the shelves after T-Day, but if you missed them this season, you know what to add to your shopping list for next November.

Might not be the perfect pairing for the above, but the release of Beaujolais Nouveau 2017 is upon us. Fruity and affordable, I enjoy this wine year-round, but there is something festive about uncorking the new vintage this time of year.

Isn't this just lovely?

I realize you could buy a plane ticket to Cancun for the same price (and I advise you do that and buy one for me while you're at it - Vitamin D is important during the winter months!), but the delicately crafted wreath is just so darling and magical and Christmas-y. I even spot a dachshund! It puts me in the holiday spirit.

Are you full of Christmas cheer yet? If you are struggling to find some merriment, watch this clip from a past Billy on the Street episode featuring Amy Poehler. It's become an annual viewing tradition for me. I promise you a few fa-la-la-la-las and a lot of ha-ha-ha-ha-has.

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