Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Feels - Volume VII

It's FriYAY! I'm sorry, I just canNOT get into that word. I like the sound of Friday just as it is. But here are some things I *am* into:

The controversial and massive $50 million Nicollet Mall overhaul is finally complete, which held an opening celebration last night. And our Mary is back in place!

She sits near the area of her iconic hat toss from the open credits of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. 

Have you ever noticed the bespectacled, kerchiefed woman at the end of the shot, who is giving some serious side eye to Mary?
Well, her name was Hazel Frederick - read about her story HERE

Also, since we are on a MTM kick - come visit me in Minneapolis, and we will do a mini Mary tour:

Were you into high school theater? It was a pretty big deal at my school and some of my happiest teenage memories are from on and off that Eagan High School stage. 

That's why I will definitely be tuning into this upcoming TV show where former class/cast-mates reunite to give one last performance of their favorite musical. Hm...maybe EHS should sign up?

It's been gloomy and cold around these parts. Last year we had such an extended warm fall that I got spoiled. Plus, with the darkness settling in each night by 5pm, it really can get you down. A suggestion from a family member led me to try SAM-e, a supposed natural mood enhancer. Maybe it is a placebo effect, but my outlook has brightened since taking them.

The news has been hard to take this week (or every week, really.) There is so much to unpack and sort through on a lot of really uncomfortable subjects. This week in particular, I've been disappointed in men. But at the same time, I'm honored to know so many wonderful males in my life. I won't go into all of the ongoing mess any further on a silly blog, but I did think this article had many strong points to be said about raising kind and confident boys.

I'm not a habit-forming kind of person. I tend to switch things up and multitask to the point where I always have a million unfinished projects. I've spent so much time organizing other people's lives, that my own tasks are left to dangle. Lately, I've taken charge of that and one tool that has really helped me is the Habit List app.

There are no bells and whistles, but it is very user friendly and I find the streak-incentive addictive. 8 glasses of water a day, here I come!

Or if not water, maybe beer...?

I admit, I often buy beer much like I buy makeup - based on the name and packaging. Luckily with these design-forward brews, the beer inside is just as impressive as the cool cans.

I fell in love with this colorful and mind-bending can when it was first released late summer, but couldn't score a pack before they sold out. I still was able to taste the hazy and fruit-heavy IPA at Fair State's Oktoberfest shindig and found it super refreshing. I was thrilled that they decided to have one more limited release this week - this time I was on the case - literally!

Sours are an acquired taste and not necessarily my first choice, but how could I not love a Lucy? 

This one totally shocked me. I grabbed a 6-pack after being drawn in by the mystic aurora borealis themed-can. I clearly did not look past the pretty midnight colors swirling about because this broo is a combo of ale and cold brew coffee! It is quite interesting and definitely wakes you up.

What are some of your favorite artfully contained beers?

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