Friday, July 14, 2017

Big to Minne Apple

This past year I decided to make a big change and moved from New York City to Minneapolis.
Oy vey. Uff-da. Quite an adjustment. At times, I feel like I'm two people - the hardened and savvy NYC LuRuSo or the corn-fed and nice MN LuRuSo. Do I have to pick one or the other, or can they morph into some rad melded super version of both me's?

I used to check in on a blog that lovingly compared the two great cities of Paris and New York through artful prints (Paris versus New York), so I thought to work through my transition, I might muse on the similarities and disparities of the Big and Minne Apple brought to light by my move (minus the cool designs, since I do not have that kind of artistic talent!)

The most glaring difference of these two regions is the attitude of the people, especially long time residents. In the NYC area what people say is what they are thinking. Sometimes it can come off as harsh or aggressive, but after 14 years of living there, I can attest that New Yorkers are the first to offer genuine help or advice, even if it is more direct than Midwesterners are used to. The best example? Johnny T.
Johnny T's NYC Tourist Tips

Whereas, the Minnesota version of Johnny T is more like:
Keep Minnesota Passive Aggressive Tee by Old Tom Foolery - i like you

I've noticed that where these two opposite behaviors are most evident is an elevator ride. Minnesotans really do not want to acknowledge in any way that you are riding the elevator together. They give you a half-hearted, closed mouth, one second smile, and maybe a nod if they are in a good mood. In NYC, I would find out all about my neighbor's drama, including how his aunt has an ongoing saga with her dental crown in the time it took to get from the 6th floor to ground level.

I'm curious to see what other traits define each metropolis, and which I find myself being more drawn to.
I don't think I'll go as far as THIS (and dude, NYC pizza totally wins!)

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