Monday, July 28, 2014

Really Rosie

They say that in life you should take time to smell the roses. There's a reason it instructs to sniff roses instead of singling out one of the many other small pleasures in life.

There is nothing more royal, romantic, and classic than the rose. So why save them for Valentine's Day? I'm finding that roses, thorns and all, should be making daily appearances in our lives.

My rose renaissance began when I discovered this LUSH body conditioner. I really took to heart the smelling of the roses. I'm not joking - I could not resist sniffing my arm for a good portion of the day - which made me look like a kook, but I smelled DIVINE. The scent of rose and almond remains with you long after the shower, plus your skin will feel petal soft.

Being that one tub is on the expensive side, I opted for a gift collection in order to test out the body conditioner in a smaller size, along with other related products.

Due to its timeless scent and soothing qualities, you can find rose as a main ingredient in many beauty brands. I'm hoping to try some of the Korres line using wild rose.

This is an old standby in my medicine cabinet:

If you are the DIY type, you can spend a post-farmers market run bubbling up your own rose water to use in various beauty potions.

It's not hard to find ways of adorning yourself in flora rosa.
Stick one of those leftover buds in your hair and pop in these posts:

Flower power!
Ring no longer available. Similar found HERE.

How gorgeous are these recycled paper creations from Lille Syster? It makes me want to have a party just to strew garlands, bouquets, and blossoms across my entire apartment.

I'm thinking if I find some untreated roses for my DIY rose water, I might also try my hand at a batch of rose syrup, mainly for cocktail fun!

I should give a shout out to the title post - did anyone else's childhood revolve around this Carole King/Maurice Sendak musical?

And then there is my favorite rose of all, Minnesota's own Rose Nylund!

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