Monday, July 7, 2014


New blog alert!

I wish there was a way to be compensated for reading blogs. All the blogs. I love them so...and even more than so when I happen to know the blogger is an A+ human being.

My friend Shazia is the mind and voice behind the new blog Marbled, which focuses on "blending backgrounds, cultures and interests into a family".

Shaz and I became dear friends our freshman year of high school. We had previously been involved in music and theatre together, but it wasn't until a fated 3+ hour laugh-filled phone call that first week of 9th grade that I knew this gal was in my life forever.

Decades (gulp!) later, our paths crossed again, this time amongst the concrete and taxi horns, when Shazia and her husband, Jeff, made the move to the big bad apple for her fellowship. Although we lived on opposite ends of Manhattan, we were able to catch up on bits and pieces of life. One of the most important bits and pieces is their daughter Yazmeen, who I was lucky enough to babysit for a summer.

The blog begins as they depart the skyscrapers of Manhattan for a move to the beaches of Florida, with an extended trip to paradise in between.

Their life is truly a swirl of cultures, careers, talents, backgrounds, and passions.
Follow Shazia, Jeff, and Yazi as they create a well-mixed journey, full of all the flavor, texture, and color that you'd expect from a marbled life.

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