Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

¡Cinco de Mayo! One of my favorite festivities! Who doesn't want an excuse to eat guac and drink margaritas? When we were in San Antonio last fall, I had a tasty prickly pear margarita on the River Walk that I haven't stopped thinking about. Muy deliciosa!

It's one of those drinks that I'm determined to be able to make at home. First issue: finding prickly pear cactus or even prickly pear cactus syrup. Come on NYC, aren't you supposed to have it all? So...we are working on that. In the meantime, this concoction of hibiscus syrup and pink lemons wasn't too shabby. Yes, there are pink lemons! Which reminds me of a time when my friend and I ran into a neighborhood bodega to grab some coronas and limes (perhaps a previous Cinco de Mayo?). The clerk surprised us by saying that they didn't carry limes, which seemed a very curious omission from a corner store. We pressed him some more until his confused face morphed into his idea face and he offered, "well, we don't have limes, but we DO have green lemons!" Intrigued, we agreed to take the 'green lemons'. He quickly disappeared in the back and returned with...limes. Or green lemons. Whatever.

OK, I'm off to work...or cactus hunting. You decide.

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